Businesses: How ReturnMore will significantly increase your Facebook Likes

ReturnMore is a service that could be used in several ways. We recently launched with a local Chick-fil-A in Aurora, Colorado (Southlands Mall).  They are offering their customers a free small milkshake until April 30th 2012 for being a fan of their Facebook page. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and you get the deal, that simple!

I think this really helps small businesses struggling with Facebook likes, whether they promote their Facebook page incorrectly or customers are not interested in liking their page.  Whenever you offer customers something free, they usually take advantage of it.  By giving your customers ReturnMore offers, I believe this will encourage them to like your Facebook page.

One customer recently commented, “Loved it worked like a dream! Would love to set it up for my business!” while redeeming a free small milkshake at Chick-fil-A.

Building a connection with your customers is important, that is why the amount of Facebook likes you have on your Facebook page is significant. It’s building a connection between you and the customer.  To tell them about upcoming deals and giving them incentives to have your customers return more is important.

Build your connection with your customers with Facebook by them scanning a QR code.  Offer them a reason to become a fan and click the like button.

With ReturnMore you can also offer multiple offers within a time period, let’s say you want to offer 3 deals for the month of April, each customer can redeem them once each.  Imagine if you ran an article in a newspaper or magazine saying “We are giving away ______ for anyone that likes our Facebook page for the month of April”.

Interested in hearing more, contact us at, would love to chat and help you connect better. ReturnMore could be used by any business, it’s easy to setup.

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